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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stripes and Promises

Since i finished my OJT, i made a promise to be a better a version of myself. And that includes waking up early, getting back to my healthy diet and of course sleeping early in the evening. But so far, im not doing great ╥﹏╥ In fact, i never started those yet. It's just that when i get caught up in a moment where im doing something enjoyable, i tend to forget (purposely) the task i assigned to myself. And lately, im so uninspired to get things done, like people need to push my ass off to get me moving. Yes, laziness becomes me.

Though this is really poor thing to say, but i hope that id be inspired so that i can do the things i set for myself. AJA!!!

Decided to sport this look because i can. lol!
I always love girly outfits because it makes me feel young. But i wonder if i do look young. Do i?

You know me guys, my outfit would not be complete if i dont have a jewelry hanging in my neck. This Copper Retro Necklace is from Born Pretty Store, this reminds me a lot of Cleopatra. I love how simple this is but definitely brings out elegance and style in a minimalist way, and only those with keen eyes would know.

Use my discount code SRAT10 to get 10% off when you shop at Born Pretty Store.

And because i feel so hot, not hot hot kind of hot okay. I decided to take off my Long Sleeve Blazer from Rosegal. Not to show off my Cutout Sleeve Tee but because i feel really hot!!! lol! Anyway, i like how i looked with my blazers on, because i looked so modest, and modesty is just so hard to find.

(Top: OASAP, blazer: Rosegal, Necklace: Born Pretty Store, Bag: Dresslily, Skirt & Shoes: DM)

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Burning Red

Use my discount code SRAT10 to get 10% off when you shop at Born Pretty Store.

Since the first time i saw this Pleated Round Neckline Dress from TBdress, which you can check it here. I immediately fell inlove with it, not just because of its Burning Red Color but because it was modeled by the one and only Cara Delevingne. When i tried this dress on, my parents comments were "You look good in that dress." so its definitely a Parent Approved Dress. Also, it's not really that short, it falls exactly into your knees, showing just enough skin. By wearing this dress alone, i could be a head turner, but i just can't go on, without a statement necklace.

This Gold Hollow Lace Rhinestone Necklace is from my all time favorite Born Pretty Store, which you can visit here. This necklace is light in weight and very pretty, and you know me guys, i have a knack of pretty and cute things. So when my eyes landed on this pretty stuff, my immediate thought was. "I have to get this!" And im glad i did because it toned down my heavy burning red dress and love the green rhinestone in it :)

Anyway guys, if you shop at Born Pretty Store, you can use my discount code SRAT10 and it will give you 10% off from all your purchase, and they offer free shipping too worldwide without minimum prize, isn't it amazing? You know, I have been wearing their jewelries for quite a while now, actually they are the first brand i worked since i first started blogging. You can visit some of my looks here featuring their jewelries.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Changes

This blog has been running for almost a year now, and as i looked back and revisited my old blog posts, i realized that what my blog is becoming was not what i wanted for my blog to be. At first, i really wanted this blog to be as personal as i can, but nowadays, this blog has been nothing, just a mere space, running without a soul. The only thing that's interesting in it are my ootd's, but i wonder if my ootd's are interesting enough. That's why i always try to incorporate some bland and shallow story to somehow get contents. I know im such a shame, and i admit that.

But before this blog turns 1, i wanna change some stuff i usually do when i post. Like, if i post about my ootd, then ill be talking about my ootd's. You know, it's kinda hard to explain why im wearing this and that, it's quite challenging since i don't know a lot of fashion language and rules and all that stuff. And i rarely read fashion magazines because im saving my money to buy myself some cool stuff. And god knows how much i love fashion, it's my second love.

Then, i'll be separating my life's little story in another post, i will not squeeze it in my ootd's. I know that my life isn't that interesting but i will try to make some quality contents in it. Every time i read a post about life/self, most of the bloggers sounds like they got it together, but in my case, i wont try to be one. Because i want to learn it with all of you by my side (cheesy i know!). Because just like you, im just an average girl.

I have a lot of faves in my life, be it a newly discovered song from a band, anime i wanna watch or manga i wanna read or movie that i recently watched. But beware, because in terms of these, im not really updated, 'cause i tend to go back to stuff that's really into my taste. Also ill show you guys my geeky side, ill be talking about the vast expanse of the universe! And no, it's not a joke because we introverts gets lonely if we don't have someone to share our new discoveries. Well, its not really "our" discovery, but what we learned on our own. 

Cooking is my third love, so i shall get my hands dirty on that one. Since i love to cook and i just dont know how. I really need to teach myself because im 20 and i barely know how to cook. Ahhhh im such a shame, i can't even!

So yeah, ill be making a lot of changes in my blog, ill be adding more varieties. It'll be more personal yet so relatable. After all, im just your average girl, who happens to love geeky stuff *ahem cosmos ahem* and fashion. So leaving you with this lots of gif's, i hope you find them funny because i do! i do!

Disclaimer: All GIF's are from tumblr.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Story from a Mailed Letter

What im about to tell you all my lovely readers is a story from a mailed letter i sneakily read many years ago. So the story goes something like this, being a sneaky little kid as i was, going through my mums stuff was something i loved to do. And one thing i can visibly remember is that i love eating her lipsticks, yes, EAT. I don't know whats gotten into me at that time, its just that lipsticks for me was/is tasty but i don't eat lipsticks nowadays, no. My mum would always scold me why eat her lipsticks, haha fun times (◡‿◡✿)

Apart from lipstick-eating, reading anything from my mums drawer was my fave thing to do! And who doesn't love to read their mums diary? I don't know guys, but i just love going through personal stuff of other people and read anything be it a note or short message, because there could be a... you know... big secret ヘ(^o^ヘ) sneaky i know. So when i found a piled up letters from my mums drawer, i took all of them and read them every late at night so that no one would know *cue in evil laugh* And i read this one letter where it came from a friend of my mum whom i haven't met not until yesterday.

What's really interesting about it is that, in the letter, she talked about how her family is doing after their big move, and how their family is growing from being 3 into 6. Eventhough i haven't seen them not in flesh, from the point where i finished reading her letter, i felt like ive drawn a link into them. So in that fated day, where i was sitting at my desk and was documenting, i heard the name of the woman from the letter i read being repeated by my office mates. At first, i was like "sounds familiar" and when they repeated it again, i was like "i knew it!" 

At first, i was really tempted to introduce myself to the point where i was practicing the lines inside my head. But then i realized that, i was not part of their world, a world that was created years before i was born and was continued through a letter, i was just a mere intruder, a reader, a narrator of their story inside my head. As i was sitting at my chair, i find the whole thing very beautiful and amazing, because i just met the woman in the letter. I thought that, that's all there is after reading the whole letter, but no, i get to meet her after many years. And yes, she doesn't know, its mine to keep.

This outfit is definitely my fave, because pants are my fave to wear, eventhough im not really into sleeveless, i still gave it a shot and voila! All thanks to for this Sleeveless Halter Top and for the Flower Carved Necklace. I love how these two give a classy and summery vibe to my whole outfit.

And talk about perfect sunnies for this outfit, im glad that sent me this Colorful Round Vintage Shades. I just love how chic my outfits became because of this and take note that it has both UVA and UVB protection.

And this Luxurious Retro Handbag from I just fell inlove with this bag, i love the color, its very versatile and on trend, i also love how this bag is exquisitely crafted, its definitely a must have for every girls <3

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bless the Broken Road

I always wanted to sleep early in the evening so that I won’t be sleep deprived in the next morning. So last night, I went to bed early around 8:30 but I just couldn't sleep. Even if I shut my eyes so hard, my mind still wanders, so I decided to check my phone and realized that its already 10 pm! As frustrated as I am, I decided to open my instagram and twitter, and I shuffle all the songs in my phone and ditched my over-used playlist. I swear, if I like a song I will play it over and over again until I get bored haha. While I was busy looking up at my IG feeds, a song Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts kicks in my eardrums. And I was like ◉◞◟◉‵) with a little bit of because I didn't even know that I still have that song in phone, it was completely forgotten, what a shame!

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you

This song is very special to me even if I don’t have someone to directly relate it to. When I first heard this song from a friend I immediately fell inlove with it, naaahh I just can’t explain and think of a proper word that will describe how much I love this song and the band <3 But one thing is for sure. This is for you, you, who is reading this, yes, you, you are special and I can’t wait to meet you (◡‿◡)

This Ombre Floral Print Shirt from is very pretty, im so happy that i got my hands on this because the ombre floral print is so chic while giving you a feminine vibe. The material used is chiffon, its very soft, at first, i was confused where is the outer and inner part of this shirt because its kinda faded, haha its the style btw.

This White Chain Necklace Pendant from is light in weight, it gives my look a toned down feel with all the ombre florals goin on because i don't really like too-busy-to-look-at outfit with all the jewelries and what-nots going on in my outfit, so this necklace sets the mood alright ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

top: Dressale
necklace: Jewelry Coco
head band: EazyFashion
skirt: DM
bag: Secosana
flats: Natasha

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