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by Sarah Rizaga

September 18, 2014

Register Sheinside Publisher Program Successfully to get $5

Hello lovely readers! So did you get the latest hype at Sheinside lately? If not, then click here to be directed on how to earn while fueling up your passion for fashion. Im sure most of us loves to earn extra money for our daily fashion needs right? So im gonna introduce to you the Sheinside Publisher Program, this program will help you earn commission just by sharing your favorites from Sheinside

I have known Sheinside since i started blogging and that's almost a year ago. I have seen their customers satisfied with their orders from them, and i also experienced first-hand their high-quality products with efficient delivery system. You know, im all for promoting and sharing brands that can be trusted and Sheinside is one of them. 

I joined this program fro two reasons:
  • First, Sheinside always have unique products that you can't find from other online stores. Their style has always been so unique and is up to date with the current trends. And not to mention that their price is very reasonable and affordable.
  • Second, while sharing to my readers about my favorite stuff from Sheinside, i also get to earn commissions that i can use to purchase from their store, or i can use it to purchase products from online store because they also pay through Paypal.

Once you successfully registered at this program, you will get $5, just Click "Submit Links" and choose "PP-$5 for the new member +5". And if you click the "Promotion" tab and share the current promotion, (sample here), you will get another $15 if that post is approved. After making a blogpost containing the promotion, log-in to your Sheinside Publisher Program account. Click "Submit Links" and choose "Affiliate-Promotions Bonus +15", then submit the blog post link.

So easy right? So register here now and earn :)
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September 16, 2014

Guide to Halloween Costumes

BER Months! Yaaay *pops a confetti*
Do you know what that means?
You do?
Are you sure?
Yes, Christmas! Ahhh my favorite holiday of the year!
But wait, you forgot something...
It's freaking HALLOWEEN!
And who doesn't want to dress up for a day where its perfectly and totally okay to wear anything you want? 
I mean anything!
From baby costumes to pizza costumes, YES. ANYTHING!
I still remember last year where i wore a Black Witch outfit just to scare little kids! Haha 
But i didn't went to every houses to ask for candies you know! booo

I know Halloween is a long wait because its 2 months away but duuuhh be positive! How could you?
It's JUST 2 months away people! 2 months! so cheer up!
And you know whats the best thing in that 2 months?
Yes, you can take your time to pick or create your very own costume!
How cool is that?!

So may i present to you, a site that's been so patient with all of the Halloween freakers out there! 
Behold, Tidebuy Halloween Costume *pops a confetti* (wut? i love popping a confetti! Im a popper!)

So check out my top favorites!

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September 13, 2014

The Choices We Make

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you really looking at your self?
Or just checking yourself?
And have you taken a really close look at yourself lately?
Then what do you see?
A person you want to become?
Or a person you just settled to be? 

These are just some of the questions i know most of you haven't asked yourselves yet.
And if you asked yourselves these questions...
Do you know what's the answer?

I know, i don't know too.
The only certain way to know or to atleast know these,
Is if we're taking the right way and making the right choices.

Are you making the right choices then?

Choices happens everytime.
Like in the morning when you wake up...
Do you stay in bed and wait for another 10 minutes?
Or get up and throw yourself in the shower?
Do you eat your breakfast or skip?
Choices happens when we make our choice,
And its a never ending choice until it's our time to make the last choice.

Sometimes the smallest choice we make,
Ends up to be the biggest one.
So everybody gear up because we have a lot of choices to make. lol!

Bottom line is...
You are what you are with the choices you make.
If you choose the right one, then good.
And if you choose the other one...
I think you have your reasons and you can learn from it.
Let's just keep in mind that...
Every time we make our choice, make sure that our future self will thank us for that.


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September 11, 2014

My Tidebuy Wishlist

      Hello lovely readers!
So, did you noticed that in my latest ootd im wearing a printed dress? Yes? Yes! That's because i have a budding obsession about printed dresses. I don't know about you, but i really find them cute and quirky and chic at the same time. So take a look at my printed dresses wishlist from Tidebuy, i just fell inlove with all of them! I mean, look at them! Aren't they all look 'effin kawaii? From animal printed dress to florals to weird shapes prints fuuuuuuu just take all my money!


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September 10, 2014

Be your own Prom Queen at Sheinside

Hello lovely readers! There's a BIG sale for sexy bodycon and v-neck dresses just for you. Grab this chance and get your dream dresses for affordable price before they're gone.
So hurry up and click HERE now before it's too late.

Here are my top favorites from the items that are on sale.

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September 6, 2014

Comfort and Style

Hello lovely readers!
Last week, i failed to post ootd's because my sister who usually takes my photos didn't came home for almost two weeks due to unfinished business in school (Hello Thesis, give us a breaks puhlease!). And then yesterday, she just pops up into our house. LOL!

This outfit reminds me of Rachel Berry from Glee, very preppy yet so elegant. I love how this dress gives me comfort and style because that's basically what i try achieve in all of my looks. Comfort comes first before style okay? Well, that's for me, i don't know about you, after all, we all have different styles and taste.

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September 5, 2014

Sleep in Style with

After a very long and tiring day, what i always do after i got home is to throw myself into my bed and doze off for a couple of minutes. But isn't it nice to have a very comfortable bed and sleep in under your soft duvet? Okay, say, you are dead tired and all you wanna do is to sleep in a heavenly bed and you find yourself in an uncomfortable bedding sheets and pillow cases, not to mention that it gives you no security? So to brush that all off, i wanna introduce to all of you the store, one of the leading suppliers of bedding sets and home decor in China. Their products provide beautiful and subtle ambiance in your room that will keep you glued to your room all day, and easy to sleep in at night. They also keep up with the latest trends in fashion offering fashionable bedding sets, and you'll surely find a look that's right for your taste and style. So from King Size Comforter SetsQueen Size Comforter Sets to Boys Comforter Sets, they also have Purple Comforter sets for all those girly fashionistas who wanna sleep in style, and who doesn't want to sleep in style? 

So check this out ^_^

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